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We have selected some intersting uses cases as Demo, however you will notice that most features are not avaiable, such threshold configuration, email and phones notification,  multi users management.  If you have specefic needs we recommand to reach us and we can see how we can offer you adapted demo 

devices every seconds hook up to the internet for the first time.
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The amount of data generated by IoT devices is expected by 2025.
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businesses will adopt IoT in some way by end 2021
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organizations that employ IoT have reported a significant increase efficiency.

Smart Cold room monitoring

Cold rooms help keep the room more chill than the typical room temperature. When you keep perishable foods inside a cold room, you substantially prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria, among other dangerous microorganisms.
The cold room storage temprature and time of fruits and vegetables is different according to different varieties of fruits and vegetables. It is related to many reasons such as: pre-cooling, quality of fruits and vegetables,

Smart Building - leak detection

Water leak damages can happen to ceilings, walls, carpeting and home furnishings as well as your outdoor property. Microbial growth and structure material degeneration can be devastating. Energy bills, such as water and electric are already increasing every year. Things can get a lot worse when you find that your bills are steadily increasing even when utility companies are not raising rates.
The common culprit in this scenario is a water leak, and leaks can happen in numerous locations of one’s home, and they are not always easily discovered.

Smart schools

Poor air quality can have a significant impact on a pupils' ability to study. Our mission is to assist you to monitor air quality data, and more ...
How air impact learning ??
indoor pollution
Students and staff spend the majority of their time indoors, and poor quality air has a measurable impact on cognitive performance as well as being harmful to health Monitoring solution Our best-in-class solution will help you to implement a variety of sensors to get most efficiency of your technology experience

Smart asset management

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Wokspace air quality

Open doors and windows when temperature and humidity levels permit. The open air and natural sunlight and temperature keeps air fresh and rotating. Do this once a week or fortnightly as time and convenience permits. Natural ventilation can also improve indoor air quality by reducing pollutants that are indoors. Examples of natural ventilation are: Opening windows and doors Window shading such as closing the blinds Many plants are known as nature’s air purifiers because they can absorb toxins from the air. Your HVAC Air Ducts circulate cold and hot air throughout your office. Over time dust, debris, mold, bacteria and even dead insects and rodents accumulate inside Air Ducts. These contaminants spread throughout your office along with the air, and cause air borne infections and also spread bad odor.

Smart gym

You can have 24/7 gym space open and monitor all spaces and get informed about current status at any time you can get data about the environement and occupancy, beside of having secuirty devices as well
How IoT devices are changing the the industry ? better equipment maintenance and impprove air quality, selef service, personalize exercise and immersive training

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